Take the next step towards publishing your manuscript with confidence.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could publish your work with confidence?

You have put a huge chunk of your life into this book but you are worried you will waste your money getting it self-published. How do you know if it’s ready?

You are an expert in your subject, but have you engaged your reader? Will people want to buy your book?

You’ve seen the Amazon reviews where authors are slammed for all the mistakes in their self-published books and you don’t want to be that author.

I can help you with that.

You have been looking at your manuscript for so long that you virtually know it word for word. Maybe it’s a family history, a memoir or a children’s book. Whatever the topic or genre, my fresh eyes and editing knowledge will help you produce a manuscript that shows the quality of your writing and your research.

When you use my copyediting services you will be able to publish your work with confidence.

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what will you get?

When I have seen a sample of your writing I will give you a firm quote based on your needs and the progress of your manuscript.

I will check for some or all of these:
• typos
• spelling errors
• omissions
• grammar
• punctuation
• consistency (for example whether numbers are numerals or spelt out)
• appropriateness for the audience
• wordiness
• ambiguity
• repetition of words or ideas
• formatting consistency
• fact-checking

If I think your manuscript is not ready for copyediting yet, I can put you into contact with a developmental editor who would be able to help you with the flow and structure of your work.

Contact me for a quote today.

“I really enjoyed reading through Caroline’s comments … She went above and beyond for me. I found the file to be easily read and understandable … I would ask Caroline to proofread anything for me again as she did a great job … in a timely manner. “

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