Your customers can trust a business
that cares about the details.

Get your words right
and show your company at its best.

Wouldn’t it be great if your company’s written communication showed your business at its best?

Save yourself the embarrassment of your customers pointing out the mistakes in your company’s promotional materials.

Take the worry out of committing to the expense of printing or the scrutiny of the internet.

Get back the precious time you spend checking the writing of employees who are great at their job – except they can’t write an error-free sentence.

I can help you with that.

When your writing is clear, appropriate and error-free your customers will feel confident. They will trust a business that cares about getting all the details right – spelling included!

Flawless writing in your promotional material raises the value of your brand.

Let your staff concentrate on your core business – the work that creates profit for your company. Meanwhile, I will find the mistakes that can make your business look unprofessional.

Image of busy business people with no time for proofreading their work.


what will you get?

Send me your document and I will send back writing that still sounds like your company brand and is clear, appropriate and error-free.

Depending on your needs and the document, I will check for some or all of these:

• typos
• spelling errors
• omissions
• grammar
• punctuation
• consistency (for example whether numbers are numerals or spelt out)
• appropriateness for the audience
• wordiness
• ambiguity
• repetition of words or ideas
• formatting consistency.

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NZ pohutukawa blossoms to represent localisation service for Proofreaders Plus.


Has your supplier sent you translated content that sounds wrong and you don’t know how to fix it?

Are worried that your marketing is being ignored by Kiwi customers because English is not your first language?

Even if it’s written in US English, Kiwi readers notice the difference.
I can help you with that.

Don’t alienate your customers. Engage their interest in your products or services when you speak to them in a way they can easily understand.

Use my localisation service to make your packaging, instructions,
promotional material, even business correspondence, Kiwi-friendly.

Send me your document and I will make sure all spelling and language is appropriate for the New Zealand audience. You can request the localisation service on its own or along with other work I do for you.

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“I really like your approach and what you picked up was exactly what I needed you to pick up. I appreciate your explanation behind some of the changes – very helpful.”

Don’t see how your project fits in?
Not sure which category your work fits into?

Contact me and I can customise a solution for you.

Here is a selection of the types of documents I have worked on:
• Business reports
• Blogs
• Correspondence for speakers of other languages
• Standard operating procedures
• Sales and marketing brochures
• Programmes
• Websites
• Social media
• CVs and resumes

Your business may be eligible for monthly invoicing. See the Small Print for further information.

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Business proofreading and copyediting from Proofreaders Plus.

It’s more than just spelling and grammar.

Your words matter.