Let the wider community see written communication that reflects your school at its best.

Let your community see your school at its best and save yourself time and effort when I edit your communications.

Do you want to spare yourself yet another complaint about the spelling mistake or typo in your latest school newsletter?

Are you having trouble finding the time to proofread your school’s yearbook?

Are you worried that grammatical mistakes will reflect badly on your teachers’ abilities?

I can help you with that.

When your yearbook and newsletters use clear, appropriate language and are error-free, they reflect the high standard of education you offer your students. Your students’ whānau will have confidence that you care about getting it right.


School books and pencils - education and editing.


what will you get?

Send me your document and I will send back writing that retains its original voice and is clear, appropriate and error-free.

Depending on your needs and the document, I will check for some or all of these:

• typos
• spelling errors
• omissions
• grammar
• punctuation
• consistency (for example whether numbers are numerals or spelt out)
• appropriateness for the audience
• wordiness
• ambiguity
• repetition of words or ideas
• formatting consistency.

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Many schools use vocabulary from their local community’s cultures in their newsletters. I’ll check words of any language that are included within English text – from te reo Māori to further afield.

“Thank you for proofreading … this year. You have been such a blessing to the school. We really appreciate the promptness and feedback.”

Got another project that’s not a yearbook or a newsletter?

You might have another project that you need help with.

Contact me and I can customise a solution for you.

Here is a selection of the types of documents I have worked on for schools:
• Newsletters
• Yearbooks
• Charter documents
• Promotional or instructional brochures
• Fundraising recipe books
• Show programmes
• Websites
• Blogs
• Reports

Your school may be eligible for monthly invoicing. See the Small Print for further information.

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Professional proofreading and copyediting for schools

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It’s more than just spelling and grammar.

Your words matter.